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Blood Moon
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Blood Moon

This is an actual event that happened. But I won’t lie to you; if you don’t believe in any God, the power of the Universe, or some other supernatural force, you won’t believe whatever I’m about to tell you. In all honesty, you might be better off reading something else. But if I still have your attention, here it goes.

That fateful night, everything felt oddly peculiar. A full orange moon hung in the deep black sky, but its light was so weak that one couldn’t see any shadows on the ground. The trees stood petrified with no trace of life in between their branches. The only part of the neighborhood that still had an everyday feel to it was Mrs. Brown’s house. And yet, the reader will notice that by the end of the night, this will no longer be the case. In my humble opinion, the night had decided to be completely strange and one normal house, such as Mrs. Brown’s, didn’t fit the plan at all. But to suggest that the night is sentient might be too much for you, especially before you hear the whole story. So, where were we?

The house itself, of a Victorian style, was built with local stone and roofed with slate from Wales; it was nothing special. The woman of the house, Amelia Brown, had been living there as a widow for years now, disturbed by not much more than choosing her outfit for the afternoon tea with friends.

Preparing for bed that night, she went through her usual routine. She brushed her teeth with the black coal toothpaste that the shop assistant at ‘Whollend and Baret’ insisted is the best new thing since sliced bread and then flossed using her favorite brand of string. After that, it was skincare time. She used a gentle everyday scrub, a light anti-aging serum, and a heavier eye contour cream. Going out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, Mrs. Brown fixed her bed and turned the overhead light off, leaving only the nightstand lamp on. Just before going into the cozy bed, she went to the window to close the curtains and it was impossible for her not to take notice of the big orange moon. It looked awfully different than normal, but the woman decided that it was some kind of natural phenomenon, “A Blood Moon, was it?” And then she left the curtains open for the first time since she had been widowed. She lay on her side of the double bed, left her basic mobile phone with buttons on the nightstand and turned off the lamp. The last thing she saw before falling asleep was the moon peering through the window.

Still asleep, Mrs. Brown felt like someone was projecting a red light on her face. She turned to the other side, but the light persisted until it finally interrupted her sleep and she opened her eyes. Very sleepy and slightly annoyed, she tried to determine the source of the light and it turned out to be the now huge, blood-red moon in the sky.

The woman looked at the sphere for a few moments and then suddenly started trembling in horror, breathing rapidly. She was quickly covered in a cold sweat. The room was flooded with red light coming from the night sky. At first, she thought it was a nightmare. Shivers went down her body. No, she’d been alive long enough to know that this was definitely real.

The woman got up and went to the window. While looking at the bloody moon, she felt someone’s hand sliding slowly down her back. Mortified, she jumped and looked behind, but no one was there. The woman felt utterly unprotected and exposed. The threat of immediate danger loomed heavy on her chest. A voice in her head was yelling at her to get out of the house. She went to the nightstand, took her mobile phone and stood there, unsure of what to do. That’s when she felt the hand again; however, this time it was holding her by the wrist and it pulled her towards the door. Mrs. Brown then rushed out of the bedroom. “Get out of the house!” was the only thought in her head. But it wasn’t really her own thought; it was coming from somewhere else…from someone else. She went through the dark hallway, all the while still feeling the strong pull. “Get out of the house!” The doors of the rooms were always kept open. Running past them, she noticed with her peripheral vision the moon glowing through each window. Down the stairs. “Out! Now!”

After just a moment, Mrs. Brown found herself in the back garden, hidden behind a rose bush, hugging the trunk of a lilac tree, pretty much laying on the ground. Her eyes found no rest; she was constantly looking behind to see if someone was there. Her heartbeat was banging throughout her entire body and it made her head spin.

After a second, she saw light coming from her bedroom – the one she was in only a minute ago. It was a person with a flashlight. The poor woman choked on her own saliva. She covered her mouth with one hand, desperately wanting to let out a scream or even a little cry, but at the same time, she also felt that she would rather die than make a sound.

Suddenly, she remembered the phone in her other hand and immediately dialed Emergency Services while barely holding the phone.

For the entire time Mrs. Brown was waiting for the police to come, she kept her eyes on her bedroom window. Three endless minutes went by and the red moonlight kept illuminating a figure going back and forth.

When, at last, police siren interrupted the silence and people started to come out of the other houses, the woman fully collapsed on the ground. She laid on her back and looked at the night sky. The moon was noticeably smaller and less red but still radiating with power. Mrs. Brown stared at it without blinking and felt as if the moon is staring back.

Finally, still really shaken, she went to the police officers and told them she lived there. They explained to her that the man who entered her house and bedroom was a serial killer they’ve been trying to catch for a while now.

The police tried to understand how Mrs. Brown woke up and successfully escaped, and she did try to explain, but the only thing that sounded right to her was that the moon helped her. This wasn’t of use to the policemen. So in their report, they chose not to mention it. For the missus, however, it was clear to whom she had to be thankful. The woman was absolutely sure that the red heavenly sphere influenced her in a way that helped her to wake up in the middle of the night and run out of the house only moments before the killer invaded it.

One of the policemen offered to show Mrs. Brown how the criminal looks, but she firmly refused. Some neighbors came to express their concern and sympathy for their friend and that really did help. After that, the woman felt more comfortable going back inside the house. The police left and everyone else went home too. Only the moon was left outside to look over the neighborhood.

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