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Travel through space and time
without leaving your couch.

Memories From Doomsday

13-year-old Iv wants to make sense of the post-apocalyptic world he lives in. After a nuclear war has wiped almost all, the world is reduced to a toxic wasteland. Life is a constant struggle for survival. Meanwhile, Iv wants to find happiness!

NovelIn Progress

Scissors In My Brain

A woman wakes up in a hospital bed and two police officers interrogate her about last night. She doesn’t remember a thing, but it’s obvious that her husband and little baby are involved.

Short StoryCompleted

Middle Men

Two women find love in a hopeless place. But that’s only half of it. How can you be with the love of your life when that’s forbidden where you live. This short story gives you one option.

Short StoryCompleted

Seraph Squad

A vignette short story that started as a writing prompt on Reddit. It’s about angels, no—seraphim!

Misc. StoryCompleted

Red Eyes

Ivan is alone when he gets high on weed. Reality starts to blur and he cannot say what is real and what isn’t anymore. And they are coming to get him!

Short StoryCompleted

Blood Moon

Whether you believe in the paranormal is irrelevant. If it chooses to enter your life, you’ll have no say about it.

Short StoryCompleted

Small Stories

Two-sentence stories with a plot twist somewhere in there.

Misc. StoryIn Progress

The Secret Life of a Painting Soldier

Matt has always dreamed of becoming a great artist, creating paintings like Leonardo da Vinci. But when he goes to his new boarding school, it turns out to be a secret military academy. Instead of lessons in drawing, his tyrannical teachers submit him to morning drills, war strategies and shooting guns.


On My Mind

Lane is a young man, who wants to live his own life, independent from his abusive, homophobic uncle, but his education could only land him a low-end job, that doesn’t pay enough for rent in London.

NovelIn Progress

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