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My name is Borko, nice to see you here!
I am a writer and author from Bulgaria and this is my personal website, where you can read the novels and short stories I write.

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I’ve lived in three different parts of the world, each one distinct with its own culture and spirit.

First, is my home country of Bulgaria, where I spent the larger part of my formative years. My country is a hidden gem that not many people have heard about and even less have visited. The myths and legends, the way of thinking, and the values of my motherland are intertwined in a lot of my

Once I was an adult at 18 years of age, I went to London, where I attended university. That was nice, but as it turns out the most valuable thing of that experience wasn’t the diploma, but the time I spent with my friends. The diverse, welcoming environment allowed me to explore my own self and figure out what came from me and what came from the environment in which I grew up.

When I graduated, I moved to the Middle East, where I worked as cabin crew in one of the world’s best airlines. That was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Because of my job, I got to travel and learn about the different corners of our world.

Each of these three places have shaped me as a person and even though it was sometimes hard, I couldn’t be more grateful that I got to live the life that I have.

Nowadays, I’m back home, because of the pandemic. I have the privilege of taking this time to myself and focusing on what I love most — writing. That’s how I came to the point of making my own website, where I can showcase my writing. I hope you like it!

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About this website

Writing has been a consistent part of my life ever since I was thirteen years old. That’s when I started writing my first book; just after reading “Twilight”.

Since then, I have gone back and forth from writing all day every day to not writing at all, because I thought the only way I could be an author is to be traditionally published.

Fortunately, that is no longer the case. I have found a way of sharing my stories with people from all over the world on my own terms.

I made my own website from scratch, because templates and blogging platforms can’t offer what I need and more importantly, what my readers need.

I write novels, short stories and other forms of prose, which I publish on my website. I also made a Patreon page where I provide premium membership with extra content, early access and more benefits for the fans of the stories.

This way of publishing allows me to focus on writing and sharing my stories with the world.

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Doing what I want

People have advised me to stick to writing in one genre, because if readers know me for romance they wouldn’t like my thrillers and vice versa. Furthermore, some advise that if I write dark and gloomy stories I should act and present myself as dark and gloomy on Twitter, Instagram, interviews, book signings and anywhere really...

I refuse to subscribe to that idea. I might write sci-fi today and teen drama tomorrow. What always remains the same is my passion and wish to create a great story.

If you’re looking for a particular type of story, please check the genre before reading. It’s written in yellow text, next to the story cover. You could also use the search engine if you know what you’re looking to find.

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